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Alice in Wonderland - A charmingly clever and imaginatively selective dramatization of Lewis Carroll's two classics. 2 Acts. 21 major characters; can be performed with as few as 12 actors. Many roles can be played by men or women. Note: Script designed so 2 roles can be eliminated, reducing minimum cast size to 10. Cast size also easily expandable. Setting: requires only simple, colorful, portable pieces. Costumes: fantastical, except for Alice and the Narrator.

For groups who prefer a slightly larger cast - we recommend our new EXPANDED CAST VERSION of this play. This version includes all of the characters mentioned above plus the addition of a delightfully whimsical little “Suite” of Cards – six charming and amusing extra little characters who playfully gambol through their life in Wonderland. You’ll find these little imps everywhere – often falling into mischief – (you didn’t REALLY believe the Knave took ALL of the Queen’s tarts, DID you?) – and sometimes even making themselves useful - by (ineptly) attempting to rescue Humpty Dumpty or by (again ineptly) painting the Queen’s roses red, or – well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. This little “suite” of additional comical characters – Ace, Deuce, Trey, Quattro, Cinque, and Octave – are all delightfully individualized personalities and the roles are entirely gender flexible, as are many of the other roles in the play.

Approximate Playing time: 70-80 minutes.

NOTE: Suggested Playing Time is a maximum estimation based on a full-scale production with musical augmentation, set changes and extensive audience reactions. Your own playing time may be shorter.

The charming, affable Narrator begins the play. (This role was originally written for and played by Mr. Hans Conreid.) The story they are about to see is a classic. He attempts to elaborate, despite constant interruptions from the Wonderland characters. His prologue concludes when the Queen of Hearts marches on stage, and tells him to "get on with it!" or "Off with his head!" Naturally, he hastens to comply - she IS the Queen, after all. Opening his book, he begins the story: "One sunny afternoon . . . " And the panorama of Wonderland unfolds. The ever-late White Rabbit enters, Alice following. As she chases him through Wonderland, she meets the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, enjoying their perpetual tea party.

She encounters a grinning Cheshire Cat, who tells her: "It doesn't matter which way you go . . . you're certain to get somewhere if you walk long enough." Tweedledum and Tweedledee require her assistance as they engage in a comical mock battle, which ends in a draw. A passing Caterpillar advises her to keep her temper, and Humpty Dumpty (whose conversation resembles that of W. C. Fields) also offers her so much confusing advice, that she, in turn, advises him that he may soon need "all the King's horses and all the King's men." She read this in a book. Humpty, flattered to be in a book, scornfully declares he'll never need to be "put together again." (He's wrong.)

The King and Queen of Hearts invite Alice to play croquet. Unfortunately, the Queen makes up her own rules, and insists upon always winning. Then the Knave is brought to trial; he ate all of the Queen's cherry tarts. When Alice protests that the trial isn't fair, the Queen is so shocked at such lese' majeste' - that she decides to have a party.

When Alice arrives, she finds everyone busily eating - invisible food! When the Cheshire Cat appears, offering to show her the way home, Alice is very grateful, and bidding them all goodbye, leaves Wonderland. Later, she wonders it she imagined it all, but the Narrator says: "We know better, don't we?"

Photo Credits: (Top to Bottom) Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Tyler Civic Theatre (Texas), Theatrical Productions for Children (Chicago), The Enchanted Playhouse, Visalia (California)

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A very good study guide for the Alice In Wonderland books
including the entire text of the novels, chapter by chapter analysis of characters,
plot, and the historical period can be found at:

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