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Cinderella - Humor and romance beautifully woven together with a generous touch of magic in this lively version of the timeless favorite and always beloved French tale. 2 Acts. 7 major characters; 5 women, 2 men. Cast size easily expandable. For larger groups we recommend our delightfully entertaining EXPANDED Cast Version of this script, which has a total of 37 individual roles, (25 women and 12 men - 5 of which are gender flexible). The larger cast version offers maximum casting flexibility to the director; roles can be doubled up or even further expanded to accommodate the size of the performing group. Suggested Settings to represent: (I) a street in the town and the Frumppkin home, (II) the palace ballroom, and later (while the Prince tries the glass slipper on members of the audience) the set changes back to the Act I setting. (In the EXPANDED Cast Version an additional area "somewhere in the palace" is needed at the beginning of the play.) Costumes: romantic fairy tale. Approximate Playing Time: 65 - 75 minutes.

The EXPANDED Cast Version introduces a delightful collection of additional characters - a whimsically amusing assistant for the Fairy Godmother, members of the Royal family and entourage - such as King Ferdinando and Queen Isabellina, Prince Philip's seven sisters, a variety of cousins and courtiers, including Chancellor Count Pythagoras Von Euclid, the Earl of Paradox, the Duchess of Dullsomore, and more. Other characters include a comical group of Frumppkin neighbors (lively young ladies and their Ambitious Mamas) who also attend the ball and compete with Thelma and Gertrude in their unsuccessful attempt to convince Prince Philip to choose one of them to be his bride.

NOTE: Suggested Playing Time is a maximum estimation based on a full-scale production with musical augmentation, set changes and extensive audience reactions. Your own playing time may be shorter.

When ordering this play please specify whether you want the
EXPANDED cast version or the ensemble cast version.

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother watches over her, providing several magical "coincidences" that affect the outcome of the story. When the King proclaims a ball will be held, so that his son, Prince Philip, may find a wife, Frieda Frumppkin, Cinderella's stepmother, is thrilled that her daughters, Thelma and Gertrude, are invited. When the invitations are delivered, Prince Philip "coincidentally" meets Cinderella in the garden. He admires the white roses, and suggests that she attend the ball. Frieda laughs at the idea; Cinderella at the ball? What would she wear?

The rest of the day the Frumppkin household is in a turmoil of frenetic preparation. Frieda desperately tries to teach a few courtly manners to her awkward daughters - with minimal success. Finally, they go, and Cinderella breathes a sigh of relief as they barge out the door. Moments later, the Fairy Godmother appears, and bidding Cinderella to hasten, provides her with a gown, slippers, and a coach. Cinderella pins white roses into her hair, and the Godmother sends her off.

At the ball, Frieda monopolizes Baron Pickford. Thelma and Gertrude argue over the Prince, both trying to dance with him at once. Then Cinderella arrives, and much to the chagrin of the Frumppkins, (who don't recognize her), the Prince goes immediately to her side. They dance; he admires the white roses she wears. He's certain they've met before; she merely smiles. At midnight, she bids him a hasty farewell, and "coincidentally" leaves one of her slippers behind.

On the next day, the determined Prince, trying to find her, commands every lady in the land to try on the slipper. His last stop is the Frumppkin's, where, predictably, Thelma and Gertrude both fail to cram a foot into the shoe. As he sadly turns to go, his thoughts turn "by coincidence" to white roses. When, at his demand, Cinderella appears, he recognizes her at once; not needing the proof she offers by pulling the other slipper from her pocket. He begs her forgiveness; he did not immediately understand the clues she left, and by the way, will she marry him? When she accepts, Frieda tells Thelma and Gertrude that now they will do the housework. The Fairy Godmother waves goodbye; Cinderella doesn't need any more "coincidences."

Click here for a sample of Cinderella (Regular Version).

Click here for a sample of Cinderella (Expanded Cast Version).

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Three centuries of beautiful illustrations from a dozen English versions of the beloved
CINDERELLA fairy tale can be found at
THE CINDERELLA PROJECT - a work compiled from the de Grummond
Children's Literature Research Collection
at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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