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The Adventures of Robin Hood

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The Adventures of Robin Hood - A delightfully fun filled, clever telling of the famous legends and ballads. Two Acts. Although originally written for nine actors; 3 women, 6 men, the cast size is easily expandable and the play benefits a great deal from a larger group in the cast (a larger band of Merry Persons is more fun for all!). (The largest cast size for this play (so far) has been 80! The Children's Theatre of Elgin, Illinois did a wonderful job of expanding the cast of their production – giving Robin a large band of followers (men and women), providing the Sheriff with an almost equally large band of "trusty" followers, and by adding generous numbers of townspeople, Blue Bell Inn patrons and "poor down-trodden Saxons." Their staging of the Nottingham Fair scene was a delight to behold.)

For larger groups we recommend our equally clever and “merrily” entertaining EXPANDED CAST VERSION of this script, which has a total of 36 individual roles (12 women, 7 men – plus 17 other roles which are gender interchangeable). The Expanded Cast Version offers maximum casting flexibility to the director; roles can be doubled up or even further expanded to accommodate the size of the performing group. Act I takes place in and around Sherwood Forest. Act II takes place during a lively fair outside the Sheriff's castle in Nottingham. Costumes; Medieval. Approximate Playing Time: 70-80 minutes.

Just a few of the delightfully amusing additional characters you’ll encounter in the Expanded Cast Version include: Brave Beverly and Clever Cordelia, fearless and daring members of Robin’s Merrie Band  – Bertie Bardolph, Randie Randolph and Fergie Ferguson, a trio of bumbling Sheriff deputies – Alfred the Saxon’s exceptionally outspoken wife, Alfrieda, and their large (equally outgoing) family – Lady Gwendolyn of Glendower, the independent minded wife of the Sheriff of Nottingham and her loyal maidservant, Gwyneth.

NOTE: Suggested Playing Time is a maximum estimation based on a full-scale production with musical augmentation, set changes and extensive audience reactions. Your own playing time may be shorter.

This delightful, fast moving and witty play is suitable for a wide spectrum of audience age range. However, since the dialogue is comically pseudo-Shakespearean, it is most effective (and fun) and appropriate for older children and performers.

Robin and his Merrie Band are looking for an opportunity to perform their usual daring, dashing deeds in their customary fun-loving fashion. When they encounter Alfred the Saxon, who alerts them that the nasty and nefarious Sheriff is about to collect taxes (again!) in the nearby village of Edwinstowe, they immediately don disguises (they are very fond of disguises!), and dash into town.

After a series of clever ploys, the Sheriff is temporarily foiled, and the Merrie Band retires to Sherwood Forest to await his inevitable pursuit. While the Sheriff and his hapless assistant, Oswald the Unready, search aimlessly in the Forest, Robin encounters a disguised Maid Marian (who is escaping the extortionate taxation imposed by the Sheriff) and challenges her. After she easily wins her right of way, Robin invites her to join him and his Band for a feast (another favorite pastime of the Merrie Folk).

The Sheriff is also "invited" to the feast, which is a fine one indeed. Afterward, the Sheriff returns the "favor" and invites them all to Nottingham to attend a fair he plans for the following day. Robin and friends are suspicious at first, although when the wily Sheriff offers free food and an archery contest, they are tempted (free food and archery are very popular with the band), but non-committal. Then the sly Sheriff kidnaps Maid Marian, and when Robin's rescue attempt fails, he vows pursuit.

The next scene (start of Act II) finds a disguised Robin and his disguised friends mingling with the crowds at the fair in Nottingham. Marian recognizes them. The greedy and gregarious Sheriff, (of course), does not.

After a number of boldly dramatic and comic attempts made on both sides to outwit the other, neither party succeeding, (of course), it is time at last for the archery contest. (Robin cannot resist an archery contest, as the Sheriff well knows!) Robin wins the contest, (of course), which calls for a bit of sword play, ( of course), and as he triumphs over the nefarious sheriff, a message from the King arrives, appointing the Lady Marian the new Sheriff!

All's Well That Ends Well, says Robin with great satisfaction. Maybe as YOU like it, grumbles the conquered Sheriff. And so it is - just as Robin planned.

SPECIAL NOTE: We had a wonderful time doing research for this script in England primarily in the Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Sherwood, and Barnsdale areas.

"Thanks again for another great script! “Robin Hood” was a great success and your pointers on how to do the trick target were immensely helpful. Ours worked flawlessly and evoked “Ohh’s!” and “Aah’s!” from the audience."
- J.K., Director - Bull Run Elementary School

Photo Credit: THE ADVENTURES of ROBIN HOOD Production Photos - Classics On Stage! (Chicago), Bottom Photo only - Festival Place Theatre, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

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