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Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty - Elegant, amusing version of the Perrault romance, with just the right balance of comedy and suspense, and a touch of (optional) classical dance. Choreography ideas/suggestions are in the script. 2 Acts. 12 major characters: 6 men, 5 women, plus the Narrator (man or woman). With doubling: 2 less men required. Cast size easily expandable, if desired. Setting: An elegant Palace exterior. Costumes: fairy tale. Approximate Playing Time: 70-75 minutes (depending on amount of "choreography" utilized). (Note: For those who may be interested - we can suggest segments of the Tchkailovsky ballet to incorporate into a production of this play.)
NOTE: Suggested Playing Time is a maximum estimation based on a full-scale production with musical augmentation, set changes and extensive audience reactions. Your own playing time may be shorter.

"School Play" or abridged version: Are you a Middle School or Junior High who needs a more compact version of this popular play? We have an abridged version of this script available for school groups who prefer a shorter performance time. Can be performed with or without an intermission. Playing time approximately 60 minutes.

(When ordering please specify whether you want the original full-length
version or the abridged "School Play" version.)

King Philip and Queen Eleanor, rulers of Pharoffland, grieve because they have no child. Count Frederick, the loyal Prime Minister also grieves; "When Your Majesties are sad, then I am sad also . . . When Your Majesties are sad, the entire kingdom is sad . . . The people stop singing in the streets, the palace cook burns the roast beef, even the weather is gloomy, and then everyone in the whole kingdom catches a cold, and the whole kingdom is sick in bed, and the entire economy is ruined . . . Your Majesties simply must . . . cheer up!" They refuse to do so, however, until they have a child.

After overhearing this, the three good fairies, Rose Petal, Moon Beam, and Twinkletoes take time off from polishing sunbeams, combine their powers - and the following spring a little princess is born. The celebration is ruined, however, by the dramatic arrival of Belladonna, the evil fairy of Pharoffland. She is so angry she was not invited to the party, that, despite efforts to placate her, she puts a terrible curse on baby Rosalind. She disappears with a laugh and a crash of thunder, leaving everyone in despair.

But all is not lost. The three good fairies have enough power to lighten the curse; now the princess will only fall asleep - for 100 years - the shortest time they can arrange. In spite of all precautions, Bella tricks 16 year old Rosalind, who falls into a deep sleep. When begged to remove the spell, Bella snickers: "No! I couldn't do it if I wanted to. And I wouldn't if I could. So there!" And soon the entire palace is sound asleep, as well. The three good fairies place a magical rose hedge around the sleeping princess, and vow to protect her.

Years pass. Princes arrive, hoping to rescue Rosalind, but they all fail, none of them being the RIGHT PRINCE. (Prince Smith fails, not wanting to tear his new suit on the thorns. Prince Egbert came only to do research for his book.) One day Stephen of Stratford arrives. The 100 years are almost over. Bella tries to interfere, but the countdown begins. Twink suggests that Prince Stephen kiss Rosalind. He does so, and she awakens, since he is the RIGHT PRINCE. Belladonna disappears from Pharoffland, and Princess Rosalind and Prince Stephen live happily ever after, just as you might expect.

Photo Credit: SLEEPING BEAUTY Production and Set Photos - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)

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