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The Story of The Nutcracker - Unique, one of a kind dramatization of the "Tales of Hoffmann," the Dumas story, and the Tchaikovsky ballet scenario. Highly acclaimed, immensely successful play for school groups or the whole family. 2 Acts. 30+ roles can be played by as few as 8 actors; 5 men, 3 women. Cast size can be easily expanded. Can be performed with or without dance sequences using the music from the famous ballet. The Settings - (I) "realistic" Victorian interior, (II) fantastical - can be either simple or elaborate as desired. Choreography suggestions/ ideas are in the script. Costumes: Victorian and fantastical. Approximate Playing Time: 60 to 75+ minutes, depending on how much of the ballet music is used. Note: We can suggest specific portions of the ballet to use with this script.
NOTE: Suggested Playing Time is a maximum estimation based on a full-scale production with musical augmentation, set changes and extensive audience reactions. Your own playing time may be shorter.

"With visions of sugar plums dancing on stage, all the little creatures stir throughout the production of 'The Nutcracker' . . . Michele Vacca . . . adapted the story from . . . 'Tales of Hoffman.' The story of 'The Nutcracker' is most often seen as the ballet of that name.

As in the ballet, the children's play is set to the dreamy music by Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky. A cast of (8) portrays more than 30 characters in this lively and enchanting production . . . the children, Fritz and Marie . . . are visited by Uncle Drosselmeyer . . . who brings three very special dolls for their Christmas presents. The first part of the play is filled with typical children's antics, which have all the . . . audience screaming with glee.

But the enchantment begins when Marie sneaks downstairs to say goodnight to the dolls, Clara, the nutcracker, and the toy soldier. She falls asleep holding the nutcracker. As she enters dreamland the lights flicker, the Christmas tree grows and the beautiful dolls come to life.

From that point the . . . other actors begin to parade across the stage in a melange of comical and colorful characters. (Fritz) becomes a giant mouse, a dancing snowflake, a bumbling candy character named Butterscotch and an acrobatic clown . . . the nutcracker becomes a prince and doubles as a Spanish dancer. (The) toy soldier . . . teams with (Fritz) as a snowflake, a clown and candy character, Taffy. Mother . . . turns into the Snow Queen (and the Sugar Plum Fairy), and Father . . . is also the Snow King and (prime minister) Tutti Fruitti . . .

All . . . succeed in creating the illusion of the Land of Enchanted Dreams where snowflakes talk and dance, nutcrackers turn into enchanted princes and dolls are the ballerinas that little girls always imagine them to be." - Bobbitt, Chicago Sun-Times/Chicago Daily News

Uncle Drosselmeyer, gratified, though not surprised that Marie enjoyed her Christmas dream, ends the play, addressing the audience and the dolls in his shop:

"Ahh, my children, it has been a good Christmas. I can hardly wait until next year. What dreams we have to give away! Who shall it be next year? Who shall it be? Good night, children. Merry Christmas and happy dreams this year and next year, and for always. Good night."

Photo Credits: THE STORY of THE NUTCRACKER Production Photos - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)

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