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Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

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SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS Production Poster Art - Classics On Stage! (Chicago) - by Chuck QuintSnow White and The Seven Dwarfs - Captivating, imaginative treatment of the popular Grimm Brothers tale. 2 Acts. 11 characters; 2 men, 2 women, plus 7 dwarfs (men or women), and live voice-over role of the Mirror (which can be played by the Prince if desired). Settings: representative pieces to suggest (1) the Queen's chamber overlooking the garden, (2) the forest (3) the dwarf's home. Costumes: fairy tale. Approximate Playing Time: 75 minutes.
NOTE: Suggested Playing Time is a maximum estimation based on a full-scale production with musical augmentation, set changes and extensive audience reactions. Your own playing time may be shorter.

SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS Live Production Photo - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)The Queen opens the play: "I'm the Queen. I'm beautiful. (to the audience) Don't you think I'm beautiful? And I'm wicked. No one is more beautiful and more wicked than I am. (to her Mirror) Right?" The Mirror replies: "Yes, Oh Repulsive and Ravishing Queen." Gratified, she smirks with pleasure.

" . . . A favorite of the children was the unseen narrator, who also spoke the part of the wicked Queen's magical talking Mirror. Created so that he could only tell the truth,SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS Live Production Photo - Classics On Stage! (Chicago) the Mirror brought screams of delight from the audience every time he addressed the Queen as 'Oh, Loathsome One,' or 'Oh, Beautiful and Hateful One' . . . the Queen . . . elicited boos and hisses from the audience, as well as applause, when the Mirror informed her that Snow White was the 'fairest one of all.'" - Cadkin, Chicago Tribune

The jealous Queen, vowing to rid herself of "Miss goody-goody Snow White" once and for all, sends the girl off into the forest with the Huntsman, bidding him to "put an end to her." Despite his fear of the Queen's powers, the Huntsman cannot bring himself to obey her command, and he takes SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS Live Production Photo - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)the Princess to the home of the seven Dwarfs, who vow to protect her.

However, when the Mirror says that Snow White is still the fairest one of all, the Queen declares that this time she'll take care of the matter herself. She transforms herself into an old beggar woman, and tricks Snow White into biting into a poison apple. As she gloats over her sleeping victim, the Dwarfs arrive. Gathering around the Queen, they force her to take a bite of her poison apple, cheering when she cries: SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS Live Production Photo - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)"What have you done? This means I'll be an old hag forever!" After she runs off, they gather around Snow White, sobbing. But then her Prince arrives and awakens her. Smiling through tears of joy, the Dwarfs wave goodbye as Snow White and her Prince go off together to his kingdom.

" . . . Snow White isn't the only one who's cast under a spell . . . (in) . . . the fairy tale classic . . . So are the children who come to see her. They squeal with delight when the seven Dwarfs do a dance; hiss . . . at the wicked witch, and sit in suspense to see if the Prince's kiss will awaken the SNOW WHITE and THE SEVEN DWARFS Live Production Photo - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)sleeping heroine . . . " - Pilat, Chicago Sun-Times

(The dwarf names in this playscript are original with ON STAGE! The dwarf names associated with the Walt Disney Company film, i.e., "Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy, etc.," are the property of the Walt Disney Company and may not be used without permission of the Disney Company. Anyone using the "Disney" names (actors, directors, producers, organizations, etc.,) without permission from the Disney Company would be in violation of international copyright law.)

Photo Credit: (All photos) Live Production Photos - Classics On Stage! (Chicago)

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